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Debunking Massage Myths Series: No Pain, No Gain

Have you heard these massage myths? So many of my clients come in believing one or more of these false ideas.


⛔Massage is just a luxury

⛔All massages are the same

⛔No pain no gain

⛔One massage can fix it all


Today, we'll tackle the "no pain, no gain" myth. I've heard it everywhere: gyms, physical therapy offices, even during massages! It's time to set the record straight: painful massages are not therapeutic and can be counterproductive.


Unpacking the Myth:

  1. Pain as a Protector: Our bodies send pain signals for a reason. It's a warning system, alerting us to potential harm or tissue damage. Pain even helps us diagnose and treat underlying issues. So, why would we want to induce it during a massage, which should promote relaxation and healing?

  2. Fight or Flight vs. Relaxation: Pain triggers the "fight-or-flight" response, causing tension and alertness. This is the complete opposite of the relaxed state needed for therapeutic benefits. It makes muscles tighten, hinders deep tissue access, and creates anxiety and resistance throughout the session.

  3. Beyond Discomfort: Painful massage can lead to more than just discomfort. It can actually damage tissues, exacerbate soreness, and diminish the healing potential of the treatment. Additionally, it can erode trust in the therapist and create a negative overall experience.


Communicate & Relax:

Remember, your comfort is paramount. If you feel any pain during your massage, speak up immediately. A skilled therapist will adjust the pressure and techniques to ensure your well-being. They understand that true relaxation comes from feeling safe and comfortable, not pushing through discomfort.


Indicators of a Good Massage:

A good massage should leave you feeling relaxed, calm, and maybe even a little sleepy. You might experience some temporary soreness afterwards, but this should be a gentle sensation due to increased blood flow and muscle release. Ultimately, "no pain, no gain" is not a measure of a good massage.


The Takeaway:

Don't fall victim to the "no pain, no gain" myth when it comes to massage. Remember, your body deserves a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience. Open communication with your therapist and prioritizing your comfort are key to unlocking the full benefits of massage and leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

A skeleton thinking, massage therapy shouldn't be painful to be effective. No pain, no gain is a myth. Pain is a protector. Pain triggers the fight-or-flight response of the nervous system.
Myth Busted: No Pain, No Gain


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