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Debunking Massage Myths Series: Massage Therapy- not just a luxury

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Have you heard these massage myths? So many of my clients come in believing one or more of these false ideas.

⛔Massage is just a luxury

⛔All massages are the same

⛔No pain no gain

⛔One massage can fix it all

Massage can be a luxury- when you book a session on your cruise ship, at a beach resort, or on a girl’s trip. However, it is also a medical modality and can help with healing, recovery and muscle maintenance. In order to get licensed to practicing massage therapy in the United States, massage therapists have to take anatomy and physiology classes.

I have a more extensive education background than your average massage therapist. I went to school and got my bachelor's degree in kinesiology and therefore have intimate knowledge of the muscles and how they work. My courses included biomechanics, strength training, exercise prescription, structural kinesiology, chemistry and the whole nine yards. Paired with the 4 years I worked at a local outpatient physical therapy clinic, I know a thing or two about how the muscles and body work.

I use my background in kinesiology and massage therapy training to help my clients recover from injury/surgery, maintain a healthy baseline or even occasionally just relax as a treat to themselves. I focus on helping each individual that lays on my table reach their goal of being pain free so they can focus all of their time and energy on the more important things in life, such as faith, family and work. Pain can change people from their happy usual selves to grumpy and miserable, which no one wants to be around.

Just like you visit your primary care physician, chiropractor or dentist during the year to keep your body, bones and teeth in check, you should also schedule regular appointments with your massage therapist to keep your muscles in working order. How often do you use your muscles? All day, every day, every year. Muscles help you breath, eat, drink, walk, talk and everything in between. How do you take care of your muscles so that they last and work for your entire lifetime? Do you work out, do yoga, stretch? Getting regular massages is an investment in your health and well worth it. It is cheaper than having to take over the counter pain medications daily or surgeries.

If you value your health and longevity, I urge you to find a well-educated and experienced massage therapist in your area and commit to a monthly massage. Both your mind and body will thank you in years to come! :D Massage therapy- not just a luxury anymore.

Trigger point release of the trapezius muscle
Trigger Point Release of the Trapezius Muscle

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