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Self Care Summer Camp at Home: Meltdowns to Mindfulness

Summer vacation! A time for carefree fun, summer camp exploration, and maybe even a little boredom at home. But amidst the popsicles and pool splashes, it's important to remember self-care for our little ones. Just like adults, kids need healthy habits to feel their best and develop emotional resilience.

Here's how to make self-care a fun and natural part of your child's summer:

Planting the Seeds of Self-Care

  • Start with Stories: Introduce the concept of self-care through age-appropriate books. "My Magical Words" by Becky Cummings encourages positive self-talk, while "I am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness" by Susan Verde helps teach kids how to be mindful and present in the here and now.

  • Create a Routine (with their input!): Even superheroes need a recharge! Work with your child to create a simple self-care routine that includes:

  • Morning Movement: Get those wiggles out with a quick dance party or some jumping jacks before the day heats up.

  • Mindful Moments: Schedule short breaks for deep breathing exercises or short meditations (think blowing bubbles or lying on their backs and imagining clouds).

  • Calming Nighttime Rituals: A relaxing bath with calming essential oils (lavender is great!), reading a calming book, and setting a consistent bedtime all contribute to a good night's sleep.

Making Self-Care Fun: Activities for Every Mood

  • The Creative Corner: Set up a self-care station with crayons, journals, and calming coloring pages. Let them express their emotions and unwind.

  • Nature Nuggets: Take walks or bike rides to explore your neighborhood park. Sunshine and fresh air are great mood boosters!

  • Sensory Oasis: Create a calming corner with comfy pillows, a soft blanket, and soothing music (instrumental or nature sounds work well).

Self-Care Tips & Tricks

  • Lead by Example: Kids learn best by observing their parents. Make self-care a priority for yourself and talk openly about your own needs.

  • Focus on the Fun: Frame self-care activities as "fun breaks" or "quiet time adventures."

  • Keep it Short & Sweet: Young children don't have long attention spans. Keep self-care activities short but consistent.

  • Celebrate the Wins: Acknowledge their efforts and celebrate their self-care accomplishments.

By incorporating these tips and activities into your self care summer camp at home, you can help your child develop a love for self-care that will stay with them throughout their lives. Remember, a happy and healthy summer starts with taking care of themselves, inside and out!

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