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Mobile Chair Massage Services

Ten minutes of rest, leave you feeling the best


Corporate Chair Massage

Convenient for any business that wants to provide chair massage for their staff without the hassle of leaving the workplace. Corporate chair massage boosts productivity, morale and overall health/happiness of employees!


Private Events

Planning an office or retirement party? Chair massage is a great way to treat your staff for a successful year of productivity and sales. Bring a little rest and relaxation to those who work hard to make your business a success!


Employee Appreciation

Everyone deserves to feel appreciated, whether a teacher, first responder, realtor or sales rep. After months of hard work, show your staff how important they are to you and give them a chance to relax and recharge!

Therapy Sessions
Employer Benefits

Employer Benefits

Increase Productivity

Employee productivity goes up: due to better sleep, less headaches and stress

Improves Morale

& Sales

Leads to better employee teamwork and increases sales

Healthcare Costs

Go Down

Fewer employee sick days, decrease on the job injuries, less doctor/hospital visits

Attract & Retain

Top Talent

Employees stary where they feel valued and cared for

Chair Massage Benefits

Chair massage is a type of massage suited for a workplace, school or public function as individuals remain fully clothed and relaxed in a specially designed ergonomic chair. This method of massage is convenient and allows individuals the relief they need from muscle tightness and stress without leaving work.


Increases productivity


Increases focus & energy


Boost morale


Improves quality & duration of sleep


Decreases stress & tension

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